KYC Approval - Best Practices for Tier 1

This article outlines tips on how to provide your documents to have your account properly verified for Level 1.




Here's how to take your selfie:

  • Ensure you center your face within the capture area.
  • Ensure you use a high-end camera.
  • Hold steady before you take the selfie to avoid capturing during motion.
  • Check the selfie before uploading; if possible, retake it until you get the right shot.
  • Ensure the area is properly illuminated to avoid taking dark photos.

Type of Selfies that would not be accepted:
  • Selfies that are too dark
  • Selfie that is black and white
  • Selfie that is cropped
  • Selfie that is blurry

ID Document

To upload or capture your national ID under the required conditions, here are five key elements to taking a Machine Readable photo for KYC: 

1. Cropping

In the ideal photo, the document makes up most of the image with a thin margin around it.

  • ID Card

The entire card, including all edges, must be visible in the photo for the machine to detect the card easily.

  • Passport

The photo page and the bottom of the document must be included in the photo. Do not include the top of the passport.

2. Resolution

  • The minimum resolution on credit card-sized IDs' horizontal (longer) side should be 1500 pixels.
  • The minimum resolution on the horizontal (longer) side of passports should be 2200 pixels.
  • Image size should not be less than 600KB.
  • Image size should not exceed 10MB.

It is important to note that the ID card’s resolution matters. If the photo fits the specs, but the card is only in a small portion of the photo, the resolution is likely too small to read.

3. Lighting

The perfect photo is bright enough to see clearly and has little glare. If an image is too dark, the machines cannot read the text on the document.

Many documents have a shiny coating that can glare when the photo is too bright. When natural light is low, try to avoid using flash; instead, turn on a lamp or other indirect light.

4. Angle

The perfect photo is flat with limited tilt.

  • ID Card

The card should be shot straight on. The image should not be tilted or rotated too much horizontally or vertically.

  • Passport

The photo page of the passport should be as flat as possible.

5. Background

The perfect photo has a solid background in a different color from the card. If the background blends into the document or has a prominent pattern, it cannot be easy to recognize where the card is in the photo.                    

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