Tier 2 - KYC Documents Accepted for Proof of Residential address

The KYC process is essential to what we do at Yellow Card. It is supposed to protect the customers, and we take it very seriously. Please find below some documents that we will accept when submitting your Tier 2 verifictation.

- Documents must match your identity document and address on the account.

- Bank document is only acceptable from a bank operating from or incorporated in a FATF member country

- Documents issued monthly (i.e. utility bills for services) must be less than 3 months old.           

- Documents issued annually (i.e. TAX documents) must be less than 12 months old.        

- Longer dated documents (i.e. leases and valuations) must be valid and must be confirmed as current information.

Type  Description Issue Date
Utility bill

Bill for utility services such as electricity, water, sewerage.

ie: License card or letter from DSTV confirming license/subscription renewal can be accepted.

3 months
Bank Statement Account statement/correspondence issued from a bank.

3 months for other countries

6 months for Botswana

Bank correspondence Live copy obtained from the bank directly must contain the bank stamp.Must indicate an existing product relationship with the institution, including marketing material 3 months
Mobile phone account Account Statement from a Network Provider. 3 months
Insurance statement The policy document for housing or vehicle insurance. 3 months


Government document 

Must be an official document issued by the relevant Government

department and posted to the client's residential address.

3 months
Sworn Affidavit/Court document  A stamped and signed Police or Court issued affidavit for proof of address. Court issued documents such as summonses, notices, warrants and court orders served by sheriff or Deputy sheriff. Must be an official document issued and stamped by the court. 3 months
Lease or rental agreement Signed lease or housing agreement. Must be signed by the client (tenant/lessee) and the landlord/lessor If the original lease is not available for certification, the landlord/lessor/agent must be contacted to confirm occupancy. 12 months
Medical Aid statement

Must be a company letterhead statement. Letter must

confirm the existence of an existing medical aid policy.

3 months
Valuation report (Municipal) Must be an official document issued by the relevant municipality  12 months

National/provincial/local government


Must be an official document issued by the relevant government department and posted to the client residential address 3 months

Levy certificate issued by a body

corporate. homeowners association or managing agent. 

Applicable for properties in sectional title, cluster or share-clock developments. Must be on a letterhead of the applicable body corporate/homeowners association/managing agent  3 months

Employment letter/Expatriate


Letter on a company letterhead from the employer confirming employment, contract period (if not permanent), address and accompanied by a valid residency permit and/or work visa (template available if required). 3 months
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