Why is my account banned?

At Yellow Card, the security of our customers and their assets is paramount. Likewise, we want to ensure that our cryptocurrency enthusiast community remains healthy.

This is why we recommend you avoid any suspicious activity that could lead to considerable damage, including banning your Yellow Card account.

Below are some of the prohibited activities that could lead to your account being banned:

  1. Temporary Ban

Temporary bans are intended to prevent changes to an account or funds from being withdrawn from an account pending final information from an investigation. Here are some examples:

  • Suspicious activities
  • Multiple accounts for customers (each customer should only have one account)
  • Impersonation
  • Identity fraud

Please send an email to [email protected]. We will contact you and proceed with the necessary verifications or investigations to allow you to re-access your account.

Here is the information we will ask you to retrieve your account:

  • The phone number and email linked to the alleged account
  • A selfie photo with your National ID next to your face
  • A selfie photo of you holding one of your payment receipts and a plain paper containing your name and date when you opened the account and phone number connected to your account
  • A photo of a plain piece of paper with "Yellow Card please unban my account" on it
  • A video of you saying “I am the real owner of the account, I control and execute financial transactions on the account, and I am not giving my money away for investment.
    2. Permanent Ban

After investigations, we reserve the right to permanently ban an account and its owner from our platform. The reasons for this permanent ban could be the following:

  • Bank enrollment
  • Promo Code violation
  • Fraud
  • Identity theft

In the case of a permanent suspension, please note that you will not be able to access the platform. We ask you for your security and continued access to Yellow Card to avoid any activity that could lead us to temporarily or permanently ban your account.

Thank you for choosing Yellow Card.

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