How do I Deposit Money?

Yellow Card provides three primary methods for depositing Fiat into your account. These methods are designed to cater to users from various locations and preferences. In this guide, we will walk you through the process of depositing funds using these methods.

Understanding Fiat:

Fiat is a form of currency issued by a government and is not backed by physical assets like gold or silver. Instead, it derives its value from the trust and stability of the issuing government.

Deposit Methods:

Yellow Card offers three convenient methods for depositing Fiat:

1. Momo Deposit: This method includes both Manual MoMo deposits and Automated MoMo deposits, providing flexibility and convenience.

2. Manual Deposit: Manual deposit options include bank transfers, ATM deposits, and traditional bank deposits, ensuring a broad range of choices for our users.

3. P2P Deposit (Specifically for Nigerian Customers): This method is created to meet the needs of our Nigerian customers, enhancing accessibility and ease of use.

Supported Fiat Currencies

Yellow Card supports a variety of Fiat currencies to accommodate a wide range of users. The supported Fiat currencies include:

- Nigerian Naira

- Kenyan Shilling

- Central African CFA Franc

- West African CFA Franc

- Tanzanian Shilling

- Congolese Franc

- South African Rand

- Botswana Pula

- Ugandan Shilling

- Malawian Kwacha

- Zambian Kwacha

- Ghana Cedi

- Rwandan Franc

Deposit Process:

Follow these simple steps to deposit funds into your Yellow Card account:

Step 1: Open your Yellow Card app and click on the "Deposit" option.

Step 2: Select the deposit method that corresponds to your country.

Step 3: Input the amount you wish to deposit.

Step 4: Follow the instructions provided on the subsequent page to complete your deposit.

Yellow Card's multiple deposit methods and supported Fiat currencies make it easy for users to manage their accounts seamlessly. Whether you prefer mobile money transfers, traditional banking, or peer-to-peer options, Yellow Card has you covered.

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