Coins sent to my wallet is not reflecting, what next?

The transfer of coins from one wallet to another is usually carried out on the blockchain network of the coin. There are two places you can receive coins in your Yellow Card wallet:

From another Yellow Card wallet

The transfer of coins between Yellow Card users is instant. This means that when another Yellow Card user sends coins to your Yellow Card wallet, you will receive it within seconds of them sending it. This is because transferring coins between Yellow Card wallets does not require confirmation by a miner. Hence, a delay is highly unlikely in this case.

However, if you experience a delay of more than an hour when receiving coins from another Yellow Card wallet, please contact us immediately.

From an external wallet

When a coin is sent to your Yellow Card wallet from an external wallet (that is, a non-Yellow Card wallet), the transfer is carried out on the blockchain network. This means that such a transaction requires that a miner confirms the send by adding it to a block.

Transactions sent from external wallets are not controlled by Yellow Card, however, we have some tips that can help you ensure that the coin sent to you reaches you in time:

1. Ensure the coin was sent to the correct address

2. If a priority level is required to be set from the sender, select high priority to ensure your transaction is attended to on time.

3. It usually takes approximately 30 minutes for coins sends to be confirmed. On some occasions – due to congestion on the blockchain network, low miner fee, or both – it might take a few hours for transactions to be confirmed.

Financially yours, Yellow Card

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