Why is my coin sending delayed?

Sending coins from your Yellow Card wallet is usually instant. However, due to delays on the blockchain network, it may sometimes take a while for your send to be confirmed.

The causes of delayed coin send include:

High network activity

Increased activity on a cryptocurrency blockchain network often leads to congestion that may result in delayed transaction processing. Transaction processing involves adding each transaction to blocks that make up the cryptocurrency's blockchain. This action is not within Yellow Card's control, so we cannot fast-track or delay transactions.

Transactions are usually confirmed within 30 minutes but may take longer when there is congestion on the network. When this occurs, kindly exercise patience until your transaction is confirmed.

How to check the transaction status

You can check the status of your transaction by going to the " History" page and selecting the pending transaction. Under Blockchain Hash, tap "Explore Transaction". This will show you the current status of your transaction.

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