Why is my account verification failing?

At Yellow Card, your security is our priority. To help protect your assets adequately, we apply strict and necessary measures regarding your verification. The following are some of the most common errors that may occur, leading to your verification being denied by our KYC team. We encourage you to carefully review all documents to ensure they are under what is required of you.

Images may be unclear

This is perhaps the most common error customers face while submitting their KYC documents. Please ensure that you have good lighting to let us see all the information on your documents.

Documents should be clean and scanned without watermarks, redactions, or other obscurities. You will have to resubmit if our system cannot read any part of your document.

Unoriginal Copies of Documents

Please endeavor to send us original copies of your tax identification number form and a statement of income account showing your residency address. Unoriginal copies may be rejected.

Image Presentation

The full page of your document displaying all outer corners of the paper should be submitted.

My Income Statement was Rejected

Your income document should contain your full name, the issuing company’s name and logo should be visible, and your current address and document issue date to verify your documents.

Why am I unable to upload documents?

Your network may be the cause of this. Please check your internet connection or refresh your page.

Documents not acceptable for Yellow Card KYC submitted

Your documents may not have been what we required. Please see here for all documents we accept for verification for each Tier per country.

Acceptable address verification documents are: Utility bills (for heating, electricity, water, cable, landline telephone, sewer, gas, etc.), an original printed statement from your financial institution (bank, credit/debit card, mortgage, insurance, investments – please note that we do not accept statements from purely online financial institutions),

A signed and stamped letter from your financial institution confirming your account with them, your address, your full name, any government-issued correspondence (including tax documents and court documents), and your valid identity document, as long as it contains the address registered on your Yellow Card account. Essential requirements for address verification documents:

The document should be issued within the last 90 days. The whole pages of your document displaying all outer corners of the paper should be submitted. The document should contain your full name, current address, and document issue date. The issuing company’s name and logo should be visible.Тhe document should be submitted in a * .jpg, *.jpeg, or *.png file format. We cannot accept screenshots. Please, submit a copy of the original document.

Details on your documents should match the details on your Yellow Card account.

Thank you for choosing Yellow Card.

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