How to Log In on Yellow Card

You most likely have social network accounts of any kind and have already had to deal with an online login interface. Rest assured, the procedure is the same with your Yellow Card mobile or web App, with a few additional security measures ;)

Step 1

To Log In to your Yellow Card account first, click “Log in,” as shown below.

Step 2

Enter your Phone Number as well as your Password. We invite you to enable two-factor authentication for enhanced security of your assets. Follow this link to learn more about the 2FA.

Tip: The area code you see during your login is filled in automatically, based on your location.  If you have changed your country of residence, please send an email to our support team, so that we can apply the changes to your account regarding your new location. 

Please also note that if you try to connect outside the Yellow Card coverage area, you will receive a message like the one below. Please consult the list of countries where we operate by following this link.

Thank you for choosing Yellow Card.

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