I think my account has been compromised. What should I do?

If you ever feel like your account has been compromised, or you think you have been the victim of a scam or a hack, the first thing you should do is to change your password and reach out to [email protected] to inform them of your concerns.

Our support team will be able to tell you if there has been any unauthorised activity on your account and advise you on necessary steps to secure your account, including blocking any transaction until you are sure your account is secure again.

Ways your account can be compromised

Sharing your password with anyone

Your password should be known only to you. No Yellow Card employee will ask you for your password. If anyone other than you knows your password, your account could be compromised and your funds at risk.

Here's how to protect your Yellow Card account.

Sharing your Yellow Card phone number with strangers

While we will request for your phone number when you contact support so we can resolve any issue related to your account, you should note that we will never reach out to you first through any unofficial channel (such as on social media, Telegram or text message) and request for your phone number.

Sharing your phone number with the wrong person could compromise your account because your account will be vulnerable to a Sim Swap attack. This is a technique whereby your cell number is cloned so that an attacker can get access to your one time passwords (OTP), verification messages, and other mechanisms to validate your account.

If you feel your phone number has been compromised, then contact [email protected]. We can put a hold on your account until you are able to change your phone number, and we can assist in re-securing your account after this has been done.

Clicking phishing links

Phishing links are links that are sent out by scammers. These links when clicked lead to sites that look like the Yellow Card platform but aren't. Any information shared on such platforms is compromised.

Phishing links are sent via emails, social media, social messaging apps like Telegram or text messages, in conversations disguised to look like they've been sent from Yellow Card.

We have a detailed guide on how to spot messages or emails from phishers and how to protect yourself. 

Whenever you are unsure of any conversation regarding your Yellow Card account, do not share any of your account information. Instead, contact Yellow Card support via the Live Chat on Yellow Card Website or send an email to [email protected].

Thank you for choosing Yellow Card.

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