How to Deposit via Mobile Money on Yellow Card? - for Tanzanian Users

To deposit funds with Tigo Pesa on Yellow Card you need to do so simultaneously on both platforms.

Step 1

Login into your Yellow Card App, and select " Deposit"

Step 2

Select " Bank Transfer"

Step 3

Enter the amount you want to deposit, and select " Next" to confirm the details

Step 4

Proceed to enter your Phone Number and the Amount you wish to deposit.

Step 5

Read the popped instructions and select " I Understand"

Step 6

On " Select Bank" proceed to select "Tigo Pesa"

Step 7 

Follow payment instructions for the bank you have selected (as in the gif bellow for  Tigo Pesa) and seelct "I made deposit" on the app

Please, keep in mind that your Mobile Money Number must be the same as your Yellow Card account Phone Number. These restrictions are to protect our users from fraudulent transactions.

Financially yours, Yellow Card.

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