How to Create an Account

Please note that to have a Yellow Card account, you must be 18 years old at the time of account creation.

Welcome to Yellow Card! We're delighted to have you on board. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to create your Yellow Card account:

"This item is not available in your country". If you are facing this issue, it could be that the account linked to your store is registered in a country where Yellow Card does not operate yet. Please modify the information of the account by choosing your current country of residence ( where Yellow Card operates) in order to have a privileged access to the world of cryptocurrencies provided by Yellow Card.

Step 1:

Download the Yellow Card app from the Play Store or App Store, or visit our web app at

Step 2:

Choose your preferred language.

Step 3:

Click on "Create account" to initiate the account creation process.

Step 4:

Enter your phone number and click "Next."

Step 5:

Choose your preferred method to receive the verification code (WhatsApp, SMS, or USSD). Enter the code on the next page and click "Next."

Step 6:

Enter your full name and date of birth as it appears on your legal documents. You can also add a nickname if you prefer. Click "Next" to proceed.

Step 7:

Create a password that meets the following criteria: at least 8 characters, includes numbers, upper and lower case letters, and special characters. Enter your email address for password or PIN reset and click "Next."

Step 8:

Create and confirm your PIN code, which will be used to access your account and for transactions. Click "Next."

Step 9:

Congratulations! Your account has been successfully created.

Upon account creation, you will be granted Tier 0 status, allowing you to carry out various activities such as depositing, buying, receiving, and selling without limitations. However, certain operations, like withdrawals and receiving funds via Yellow Pay, will have restrictions. To unlock these features, you'll be prompted to advance to the next tier, Tier 1.

Financially yours,

Yellow Card.

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