Commercial Trading

Commercial trading in the crypto universe is private trading for buying or selling coins in volume. A trade can be coin-to-coin (swapping Bitcoin with Ether, for example) or fiat-to-coin (swapping Naira for Bitcoin and vice versa). Getting digital asset dollar exposure through stable coin trading such as USDC or USDT is possible through our platform.

As part of our mission to remain your smartest choice, Yellow Card offers high-net-worth individuals and institutions the ability to trade off the normal through the Commercial trading desk.

Why Trade With Yellow Card

Yellow Card offers high-net-worth individuals and institutions the ability to trade off the normal. Yellow Card Exchange, through Commercial trading desk. Whether you are trading $50,000 or $1,000,000, our deep liquidity pools will be able to service your needs.

Deep Liquidity Pools

Yellow Card has a wide range of liquidity providers, helping service you with the most competitive rates for large transactions at a fraction of the cost of trading on an open exchange, paying fees and slippage.

Global Coverage

With a full range of fiat currencies available, we can trade in the pair which suits your needs. Currently, we offer support in: US Dollar, South African Rand, Nigerian Naira, Botswana Pula, Ghanian Cedi, Kenyan Shilling, Zambian Kwacha, Central African Franc, and Tanzanian Shilling.

24/7 Trading Access

Our team is geographically well-positioned to manage your trade execution at any time of the day.

Major Trading Access

Whether you wish to trade BTC, ETH, SOL, ADA, MATIC, cUSD, XAUt or USDT, the OTC counter is ready to take your order on both the buy and sell sides.

Where to find Yellow Card Commercial Trading Desk

Yellow Card Commercial trading desks are operational in all Yellow Card regions. In the African region, trade with our biggest markets in Ghana, Cameroon, Uganda and South Africa at exceptional prices and rates.  In each of the markets, you can get a minimum transaction of 50000 USD.

The uniqueness of Commercial trading at Yellow Card lies in the satisfaction of our clients. With Yellow Card, clients can buy any amount of cryptocurrency their wallet permits them, with no limitations and no restrictions. This is achieved as our team of expert traders takes your demands personally and handles them with all the integrity and professionalism required to keep you satisfied and impressed. Finally, your transactions with the Yellow Card trading desk are treated with the utmost confidentiality.

Are you interested in becoming an Commercial trader? Contact our team for further assistance.

The Yellow Card Commercial trading desks are now fully operational across all Yellow Card regions. Across the African region, we proudly present you the opportunity to engage in exceptional Commercial trading within our key markets: Ghana, Cameroon, Uganda, and South Africa, offering unmatched prices and rates.

Dive into the world of Commercial trading with us, where each market empowers you to embark on transactions starting from a minimum of 50,000 USD.

What makes Yellow Card Commercial trading truly unique is our unwavering commitment to client satisfaction. With Yellow Card, you have the freedom to purchase any amount of Bitcoin your wallet allows, free from constraints and limitations. Our team of expert traders personally addresses your needs, executing each transaction with the utmost integrity and professionalism, ensuring your satisfaction and leaving a lasting impression.

Rest assured, confidentiality is of paramount importance to us. Your transactions with the Yellow Card Commercial trading desk are treated with the highest level of discretion.

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