What is Yellow Pay?

Yellow Pay is a seamless and secure way to send and receive money across African borders instantly!

Why do I need Yellow Pay?

We know that your goal is not only to have access to the new universe of digital assets but also to carry out other financial operations in all serenity. For example, here at Yellow Card Financial, we understand how important it is for you to be able to provide for your family, friends, or business partners by sending them money within your jurisdiction and wherever they are in Africa safely.

This is now possible with our new solution, Yellow Pay, via your Yellow Card app. Yes, you already have it in your hands! 😉

Tell me more

Yellow Pay is a money transfer service that allows Yellow Card customers to send or receive money with ease. 

To bring you closer to your relatives, our new solution offers you the possibility to provide them with funds across Africa at the best rate on the market, without extra charges and instantly. 

Yes, just like sending a text message. 

By using Yellow Pay, you can:

  • Send money to family and friends
  • Perform business transactions in other countries

That way, money sent through Yellow Pay reaches the recipient anywhere in Africa at record speed without extra charges.

Thank you for choosing Yellow Card

Disclaimer: Yellow Pay uses Yellow Card's on/off ramp platform to complete customer transactions in USDT. Yellow Pay is not a money remittance or foreign currency exchange service.
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