FAQ - B2B Payment API

Yellow Card Payment API is a service that enables businesses to offer local Fiat pay-in (on-ramp) and pay-out (off-ramp) to their customers.

This service allows you to seamlessly integrate our different payment methods across the 20 countries supported by Yellow Card, thereby simplifying your payment processes and expanding your reach across multiple countries.

How do I get started with the Yellow Card Payment API?

To get started, visit Yellow Card API to book a Demo. Our team will then contact you to set up an introductory call. You will receive sandbox API keys to start investigating and integrating.

How does Yellow Card Payment API simplify payment processes?

Yellow Card Payment API allows you to seamlessly integrate different payment methods across the 20 countries supported by Yellow Card, simplifying your payment processes and expanding your reach.

What payment methods are supported by Yellow Card Payment API?

Our Payment API enables businesses to collect and disburse local Fiat currency through mobile money, bank transfers, and peer-to-peer bank transfers.

What does Yellow Card handle in terms of treasury management?

Yellow Card handles treasury management and conversion of local fiat to/from Stablecoins such as USDT, USDC, etc.

How does the automated conversion to Stablecoins benefit my business?

The automated conversion to Stablecoins safeguards your business from the volatility of African currencies, providing a more stable financial environment.

Can I use Yellow Card Payment API in multiple countries?

Yes, you can use Yellow Card Payment API in the 20 countries supported by Yellow Card, expanding your reach and simplifying cross-border transactions. Click on the link to see countries supported by Yellow Card.

How can I integrate Yellow Card Payment API into my business?

Integration is seamless and can be done through our API documentation and support resources, ensuring a smooth setup process.

Are there any sign-up fees for using the B2B payment API?

No, there is no initial sign-up fee for using our payment API.

How secure is the B2B Payment API?

We take data security and privacy seriously. Our B2B payment API uses the latest encryption and authentication protocols.

When are customer's transactions settled?

We settle all transactions immediately once they have been successfully completed.

How are settlement balances paid out?

We settle our partners in either USD/USDT or USDC.

When can I expect my balance to be paid out?

You can choose when you would like to be paid out of your account balance. This can be done by visiting the balanced view in your business dashboard and clicking on the settlement button.

Why do you require KYC metadata with every transaction?

The KYC metadata of the sender is required for every transaction to comply with regulatory parties and ensure proof that senders have successfully passed KYC verification requirements.

What kind of support do you offer for the B2B API?

We offer technical support as part of our SLA with all our partners.

How long does it take for deposit and withdrawal payments to be completed?

This is dependent on the relevant payment method and the country selected. Mobile money and P2P payments are instant, while manual bank transfers depend on the country’s relevant bank clearance time.

What fees are charged and when are they charged?

We charge our partners a very low transactional fee for completed payments. This fee is automatically debited from their account balance once the customer transaction has been completed.

How do I monitor and track the performance of the B2B API?

We provide detailed performance metrics and analytics for our B2B API, which can be accessed through the B2B portal. This information can help you monitor and optimise the performance of your application and API requests.

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