How to Deposit Using Manual MoMo (Mobile money)

This guide is designed to assist you in making a Manual MoMo deposit on Yellow Card. 

Mobile Money, or MoMo, is a digital financial service enabling users to send, receive, and store money via mobile phones. It offers a convenient alternative to traditional banking, allowing access to financial services without the need for a bank account or physical visits to a bank.

Follow these steps to make a manual MoMo deposit:

Step 1:

Navigate to your Yellow Card homepage and click on "Deposit."

Step 2:

Select the “manual mobile money transfer” option as your deposit method.

Step 3:

A pop-up will notify you that manual MoMo deposits may take up to two days to reflect in your account. Click on "I understand" to proceed.

Step 4:

Enter the desired deposit amount and click on "Next."

Step 5:

Provide your mobile money number, select your mobile money provider, and click on "Next."

Step 6:

Review your transaction details and click on “Get payment details.”

Step 7:

A pop-up will remind you to use the verified phone number on your Yellow Card account for the transaction. Click on “I understand” to continue. Note: If you use a different number, the funds will not reflect.

Step 8:

On the next page, copy the pay code number and other relevant transaction details to initiate the transaction.

Note: Dial your MoMo Code on your mobile device, select Transfer Money, choose MoMo user, and then use the provided details to complete the transaction.

Step 9:

Once the deposit is made, click on “I made my deposit” in your Yellow Card app.

Step 10:

Your deposit is complete, and we will notify you once we receive it. This typically takes about 1 business day.

For assistance with any issues during the deposit process, contact [email protected]

Yours Financially,

Yellow Card ❤️

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