A Guide to Securely Send and Receive Coins on Yellow Card

Cryptocurrency transactions through Yellow Card provide a secure and decentralized digital asset transfer. Understanding the supported networks and wallet addresses is crucial to ensuring the safety of your transactions. This guide will help you send and receive cryptocurrency on Yellow Card, which is important for using the correct network and wallet address to prevent errors and financial losses.

Sending Coins: Ensure the Correct Network

1. Know the coin and network:

Different coins operate on distinct blockchain networks (e.g., Bitcoin on the Bitcoin network, Ethereum on the Ethereum network). Ensure you know the specific network associated with the coin you're sending through Yellow Card.

2. Understand token standards:

When dealing with Ethereum-based tokens like ERC-20 tokens, it's critical to grasp token standards. Sending an ERC-20 token to a wallet address that doesn't support that standard may lead to fund loss.

Receiving Coins: Provide the Accurate Wallet Address

  1. Verify wallet compatibility:

Confirm that the receiving wallet on Yellow Card can support the coin and network associated with the expected funds. Using an incompatible wallet could result in complications.

Common Errors to Avoid:

1. Mismatched Networks:

Sending coins on the wrong network (e.g., sending Ethereum-based tokens to a Bitcoin address) can result in irreversible fund loss. Always double-check the network before initiating any transaction on Yellow Card. 

2. Incorrect wallet Address Usage:

Sending funds to an inaccurate wallet address may lead to asset loss, even within the correct network. Always triple-check the recipient's address on Yellow Card before confirming the transaction.

3. Not Following Token Rules:

Be careful with token standards, especially on platforms like Ethereum. If you send tokens to a wallet that doesn't support the correct standard, you might be unable to access them on Yellow Card.

Note: Follow these Yellow Card guidelines to boost the security and accuracy of your transactions. Taking a moment to check networks and wallet addresses is a simple but crucial step in guaranteeing the safe transfer of your assets. Stay informed and be cautious to minimize the risks of errors and potential losses.

Check below for the different coins and the networks we support:

  1. USDT - TRC20
  2. ETH: Ethereum Network (ERC20)
  3. Matic: Polygon Network
  4. BTC: Bitcoin Network
  5. Cardano (ADA): ADA Network
  6. Solana: Sol Network
  7. USDC: Sol Network, Ethereum Network (ERC-20), and XLM (Stellar)
  8. Paypal USD (PYUSD): Ethereum Network (ERC-20)
  9. Celo Dollar: Celo Network

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