Yellow Card Ambassador Program

In this article, we will go through our ambassador program together, along with the prerequisites to access this program designed for you by your favorite on/off ramp. 


The Yellow Card Ambassador Program is a community mentorship initiative for young people passionate about educating their communities about digital curriences.

The program empowers young people across Africa by giving them an avenue to earn and access career-relevant training, which provides an excellent basis for pursuing a career in the industry.

Yellow Card Brand Ambassadors support the Yellow Card platform in various ways, including but not limited to promoting Yellow Card to potential customers, providing feedback to improve Yellow Card offerings, and assisting Yellow Card’s user base with questions and concerns.

This program aims to develop strong brand awareness on the ground through a network of well-trained ambassadors who drive conversions via referrals and events.


Yellow Card Ambassadors are individuals who help potential customers in their communities get onboarded to Yellow Card and successfully convert them to become active users on our exchange.

Here are their primary responsibilities:

  • Refer new users to Yellow Card using your referral code.
  • Promote Yellow Card in your community and teach people how to use our platform
  • Make four (4) posts about Yellow Card on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter every month. 
  • Be part of activations and physical events happening in your community.
  • Meet the minimum quarterly target for a fixed commission

If you have good knowledge of crypto-currencies, selling experience, a physical or online community, a desire to make money, and excellent communication skills, do not hesitate to join our program. 

To apply, please click this link. You will be contacted if you are a successful candidate.

Financially yours, Yellow Card.

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