Yellow Card Works From Home

In the past, Yellow Card has granted its team the autonomy to work from anywhere in the world by offering full-time, 100% remote jobs. 

We do this by instilling a culture of discipline and also by investing in the appropriate software tools to allow us to collaborate and work remotely. Aside from allowing us to employ top talent across the world, we have been able to grant them the flexibility needed to work efficiently. 

As of the time of this writing Yellow Card has over 100 Employees across 14 African countries who are all working remotely, a userbase in the hundreds of thousands, and are growing at over 122% Month Over Month. We have created virtual versions of usual office comforts and are able to function just like any other organization with an office.

This setup is what has allowed us to scale across the African continent at an even faster rate even though we are headquartered in Atlanta, USA.

How we Handle Customer Queries

By constantly communicating with each other, the team is able to solve customer complaints and queries as and when they come. We’re fully committed to ensuring that we are always available for our customers whenever they want. 

Our support team can always be reached via [email protected]. You may first search our Help Center before reaching out to our support team. We have compiled a knowledge base that allows you to access most of the information you may seek. 

If for any extreme cases you would like to meet in person or send us any physical packages, you may request this via our support email and you will be provided with the appropriate location or address to meet or send this respectively. 

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