What are trading scams?

Trading scams often present lucrative investment opportunities that promise returns well above market averages. These scams typically involve fraudulent individuals who entice victims to invest funds into their accounts or create accounts on their behalf. These fraudsters may also gain unauthorized access to victims' accounts using stolen passwords.

These scams are often orchestrated by individuals who directly approach potential victims, posing as official representatives of Yellow Card.

Here are examples of scams to be vigilant against:

1. Email Trading Scams

2. WhatsApp Trading Scams

3. Facebook Trading Scams

It's important to note that no member of the Yellow Card team will EVER ask for your password or personal credential. If someone claims to be from Yellow Card and requests your personal information, please contact our Support Team. We are here to help ensure the safety of your funds.

Thank you for choosing Yellow Card and for staying vigilant against potential scams. Your security is our priority.

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