I've lost money in a scam. What should I do?

At Yellow Card, we are committed to informing our customers about potential scams and helping them safeguard their accounts. However, despite our efforts, individuals may still fall victim to scammers. In such cases, we immediately address security concerns and protect your account, if possible. Here's how we handle security incidents:

1. Temporary Account Suspension:

If you believe a scam has targeted you, we may temporarily block your account from conducting further transactions until security concerns are fully addressed.

2. Guided Resolution Process:

Depending on the nature of the scam, we will guide you through the appropriate steps to secure your account. If the attacker has gained access to your password or compromised your email or phone (e.g., through a password breach or Sim Swap hack), we will assist you in transferring your account to new, secure credentials.

3. Assistance with Fund Protection:

If the scam has already resulted in financial loss, we will do our best to guide in protecting your remaining funds. In cases where the scam has been completed, we can provide relevant information to law enforcement authorities to facilitate their investigation and potentially recover your stolen funds.

Important Note:

Please be aware that our ability to protect your account is limited to actions taken within the Yellow Card platform. If you willingly shared your password with someone who used it to steal your funds, we cannot be held responsible for these losses. Our primary role is to help our customers secure their accounts and provide guidance during security incidents.

We appreciate your trust in Yellow Card, and we remain committed to assisting you in maintaining the security of your account and funds.

Thank you for choosing Yellow Card, and please stay vigilant in safeguarding your financial assets.

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