I've lost money in a scam. What should I do?

While we try our best to inform our customers of scams and help them protect their accounts, sometimes people are still victims of scammers. We will block your account from future transactions until your security concerns are addressed.

Depending on the type of scam, we will guide you through the correct process of securing your account. If you have given the attacker access to your Password, then this is the first thing you need to change if they have access to your mail or phone (either through a password or through a Sim Swap hack, then you can transfer your account to new credentials and reaccess it.

We will assist in guiding you through protecting your funds if we can. If the scam has been completed, we can assist in providing the relevant information to law enforcement to follow up and attempt to return your stolen funds. 

Unfortunately, we can only protect your account inside Yellow Card, so if your Password has been given to someone else and they use this technique to steal your money, we are not responsible for these losses. We can only go as far as to help our customers secure their accounts.

Thank you for choosing Yellow Card.

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