How do I change my transaction PIN?

Your transaction PIN, consisting of four digits, is the authorization for external transactions involving your Yellow Card account. These transactions may include sending cryptocurrency to other wallets or withdrawing from your account. The transaction PIN is a crucial security measure, providing an additional layer of protection to ensure that no unauthorized individuals can access and withdraw funds from your account.

Note: Never share your transaction PIN with anyone – no Yellow Card employee will ask you for your transaction PIN.

You can update your transaction PIN in the following scenario:

Suspected Unauthorized Access: If you suspect someone else might know your transaction PIN, it's crucial to change it immediately.

Follow these simple steps to reset your transaction PIN:

 Step 1

Log in to your Yellow Card account

Step 2

Select the profile tab on the homepage

Step 3

Select "Security"

Step 4

Then choose "PIN."

Step 5

Enter your current PIN and new PIN, and confirm the new PIN.

Step 6

You can now use your new transaction PIN.

Financially yours, Yellow Card.

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