Terms and Conditions - Multicoins Social Media Giveaway

The Multicoin Prelaunch Giveaway was created to make our social media followers aware of the launch of more coins on our platform.

Three random customers who engage with our giveaway question on Social media and correctly guess any three of the six coins we are adding to our platform for all customers will be rewarded with $10 worth of crypto.

Giveaway Period: 24 February to 27 February 2023

Prize: $10 worth of crypto 

Terms: The following terms apply to your participation in the Giveaway:

  1. Entering the Competition
    You’re automatically entered into the giveaway when you guess correctly any three of the six new coins we are launching in the comment section of the social media post for this campaign.
  2. Eligibility criteria
    Participation in the giveaway is open to all Yellow Card customers that are eligible to trade. You must be 18 years or older. You must have verified your account to at least Tier 1 by submitting official identification. Yellow Card will exclude any account created using fake or fraudulent details from the Competition. Users with multiple accounts can only win one of the fifty spots. Employees of Yellow Card or any of its subsidiaries are not eligible to enter this Competition.
  3. Agreement to these Terms
    Without limiting the applicability of Yellow Card's User Agreement and Privacy Policy to customers who sign up, you agree to be bound by these additional Terms when participating in the Giveaway. You represent and warrant that you meet the eligibility criteria. You agree to accept any decision made by Yellow Card in this Terms as final and binding.
  4. Selecting winners
    Yellow Card will randomly select its winners at the end of the giveaway period from the pool of customers who give the right answers during the Giveaway period. The giveaway will run from 24 February to 27 February. Winners will be selected at the end of the giveaway.
  5. Contacting a winner
    The winners will be reached out to through an official Yellow Card channel within 14 days of the giveaway end date.
  6. Announcing the winner
    The winners may be announced across any of Yellow Card's social media pages, including but not limited to Instagram, Facebook & Twitter. If you are selected as a winner, you agree to Yellow Card publishing some parts of your username.
  7. Personal data
    Yellow Card shall use the personal information supplied by the Entrants for the contest in line with its privacy policy.By participating in the giveaway, the Entrant agrees to the collection, retention, usage, and distribution of their personal information by Yellow Card.The Winners consent to the use of their photograph, name, or details for advertising, marketing, or promotional activities relating to the contest and Yellow Card's products and services without additional compensation or prior notice. In participating in the competition, all Entrants consent to the same.
  8. Limitation of liability
    Yellow Card does not accept liability for any damage, loss, injury, or disappointment suffered by any Entrant due to either participating in this contest or being selected as a winner.Also, Yellow Card shall not be responsible for any damage or loss suffered by any Entrant due to the publicity associated with the contest or any promotional activity by the Company.Subsequent ownership and trade in bitcoin by the Winner is beyond the company's control. Therefore, we do not accept any liability to the Entrant or a third party resulting from the Entrant's future dealings.
  9. Account information
    You acknowledge that you will safeguard your login and account information and be your account's sole operator/accessor/transactor. Yellow Card Financial will not be liable for any loss you may incur if you disclose your login details to a third party, whether intentionally or by negligence. If Yellow Card incurs any loss due to your negligence or willful disclosure to a third party, you shall indemnify Yellow Card Financial to the extent of their loss. 
  10. Nature of Business
    Yellow Card Financial is neither an investment company nor an investment advisory. Yellow Card Financial is a crypto-asset exchange platform. We do not operate, participate in or promote any form of multi-level marketing scheme. We do not accept any responsibility for any loss if you engage in such transactions.
  1. General
    Yellow Card reserves the right, at any time, to modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, this giveaway with or without prior notice due to any reason. These may include, without limitation, in the case of anticipated, suspected, or actual fraud or where it considers it necessary to do so. Our decision is final and binding in this instance, and no correspondence will be entered.Yellow Card shall not be liable for any failure to comply with its obligations where the failure is caused by something beyond its reasonable control.
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