Participate in the Yellow Card Football Cup

Participate in the Yellow Card Football Cup to win up to $10,000. The Yellow Card Cup was created for Yellow Card customers who are football lovers to predict game outcomes and win.  Customers will predict the results of selected games that will take place between 20 November and 18 December.

The prizes will be sent to the winners’ Yellow Card accounts, and the winners will be revealed publicly to inspire other customers and show transparency.

Competition Period:  15 November to 21 December

Click this link to enter your predictions.

Check back here every week to enter your predictions for the week.

By participating, you stand chance to win the following prizes: 

  • Group Stage - $50 for five people per match in 15 games. Total prize = $3,750
  • Round of 16 - $50 for five people in five games. Total prize =  $1250
  • Quarter Finals - $100 for three people in four games. Total prize = $1200
  • Semi-Finals - $150 for two people in two games. Total prize = $600
  • 3rd Place - $150 for three people. Total prize = $450
  • Finals - $200 for ten people. Total prize = $2000
  • Man of the match - $50 for five people. Total prize = $250
  • Top scorer - $50 for five people. Total prize = $250
  • Best keeper -  $50 for five people. Total prize = $250
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