FAQs - Yellow Card Wallet Address Update (BTC)

The updates from this integration are backend in nature and will ultimately improve your experience on the Yellow Card app. Amongst other things, these updates make it possible for us to offer you a wider variety of assets in the future. 

We have done all we can to minimize the impact of this upgrade on our customers! Below is a non-exhaustive list of questions about our new integration, with concise answers designed to help you understand the change.

Why is Yellow Card updating my wallet address?

The in-wallet will help make your transactions even more seamless. The updates are majorly backend upgrades that will improve your experience and security on the Yellow Card app.

When will the change take effect?

The integration will be staged across each market, with the first releases planned for the 12th of September 2022. Initial transitions will be for BTC wallets.

What does this mean for me as a Yellow Card customer?

A new wallet address will be generated for you. Follow this link to learn how to find your wallet address. 

Please note that your old address will still be operational!

Will my address change?

Yes, you now have a new BTC wallet address.

What happens to the old wallet after the change?

Your old BTC wallet address will stop working from 11:59 pm on Monday, 31 October. Thereafter, you will need to use your new wallet address.

Please note that using your old wallet address will result in a permanent loss of funds.

What happens to the balance sent to the old wallet address?

 🚨Using your old wallet address will result in a permanent loss of funds.

Is there any action required from our customers?

No action is required from our customers; you should continue transacting and enjoying the app as normal.  

Do we expect downtime?

No, downtime is not expected.

What happens if someone sends crypto to my old address after the change has taken place?

🚨Using your old wallet address will result in a permanent loss of funds. 

Financially yours,Yellow Card.

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