How to Fund your Rand Wallet with Instant EFT.

This article will cover how to fund your Rand Wallet on Yellow Card via Instant EFT.

Step 1

Login to your Yellow Card account.

Step 2

Select " Deposit."

Step 3

Select "Instant  EFT."

Step 4

Input the amount you'd like to deposit and select " Continue."

Step 5

Confirm the amount being deposited and continue to Peach Payments.

Step 6

In Peach Payments, select your Bank.

Step 7

Log in to your internet banking profile, complete and review the transaction (flow may differ by Bank selected).

Step 8

Complete the transaction and view the cash balance in your transactions/wallet.

To complete the process, you should ensure that your Mobile Money wallet has a sufficient balance. If you cannot use our Mobile Money services, please check with your service provider to confirm that you are registered for mobile money usage.

Please remember that your Mobile Money Number must be the same as your Yellow Card account Phone Number. These restrictions are to protect our users from fraudulent transactions.

Financially yours, Yellow Card.

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