How to Send USDT on Yellow Card

On Yellow Card you can choose to send USDT in three ways:

Via USDT Wallet: This refers to any USDT TRC20 Wallet Address worldwide. It doesn't exactly have to be from a Yellow Card user.

Via Phone Number: This refers to the Phone Number of only Yellow Card users

Via Email Address: This refers to the Email Address of only Yellow Card users

Note: Please keep in mind that entering the wrong USDT Wallet Address could mean the loss of your funds permanently.

For Example:

A Yellow Card User wants to send USDT from his Yellow Card Account to his XYZ Crypto Account’s USDT Wallet Address.

  1. First, he opens his XYZ Crypto Account and Clicks on USDT
  2. Next, he Clicks on Deposit
  3. He Carefully copies his TRC20 USDT DEPOSIT ADDRESS

Please be sure to select only the TRC20 Network. Your funds could be lost completely if you do not.

Now to Send the USDT via his Yellow Card Account:

  1. He opens his Yellow Card Account
  2. On his homepage, he Clicks on USDT
  3. He Clicks on Trade
  4. He clicks on Send
  5. He enters his preferred amount and clicks Continue
  6. He gets to choose amongst 3 options (USDT Wallet Address, Phone Number & Email)
  7. He selects USDT Wallet Address
  8. He now pastes the USDT Wallet Address from his XYZ Crypto Account
  9. He proceeds to Click on Check Wallet Address
  10. He clicks on Confirm
  11. He reviews the transaction and enters his PIN to Continue
  12. The Transfer has been completed successfully

It should take a couple of seconds to a few minutes to reflect in his XYZ Crypto Account’s USDT Wallet. TRC20 USDT usually takes time less than 5 minutes. Every processing time is dependent on the blockchain confirmation. If the network is smooth, the confirmation will be faster.

See the Video Below:

Still having any issues? Contact the support team at Yellow Card via [email protected]

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