How to Create an Account - For Nigerian Users

This article was specifically written for our Nigerian users. Please see other more generalized articles for other respective countries.

If you’re new to Yellow Card and in Nigeria, this is to guide you to create an account successfully. In this article, we will outline all the steps you will go through every step of the way. We cant wait to get you into the Yellow Card app so you can start buying and selling Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies!

1. First things first visit the Playstore or IOS Store and search for “Yellow Card: Buy and Sell Bitcoin”

2. After downloading the app this is exactly how it looks like

3. Click on “Get started” in order to create an account

4. Enter your Mobile Number without the first “0” 

And if a friend recommended you, be a nice person and put in their Referral Code.

Afterwards, click “Next” to proceed.

5. To proceed you would have to get your phone number verified and can do so by opting to receive this verification code via WhatsApp, USSD, or SMS

6. Proceed to enter your Email Address

7. Enter your preferred Password

8. You can either decide to proceed to fully complete your setup or continue later

If you encounter any issues during this process please reach out to our support team via [email protected]

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