Introducing SPENN: A New Payments Integration for our Zambian Users


1. How SPENN works on Yellow Card

2. How to Deposit or Withdraw funds with SPENN on Yellow Card

3. Who is this SPENN integration for?

4. Why we chose SPENN to integrate with

At Yellow Card, we’re always looking for new ways to improve the experience of our users by innovating more or at least integrating with innovative companies. 

This is why we’re proud to announce a new payment integration coming first to our Yellow Card Zambian Users and subsequently to other countries we’re available in. This new payment integration called SPENN, which is currently live, will allow our users in Zambia to deposit and withdraw funds.

We integrated with SPENN in order to bring crypto closer to our users. By integrating SPENN, Yellow Card users can now buy BTC, ETH, and USDT directly on the platform. Sell, deposit, and withdrawal functions are also possible.

1. How SPENN works on Yellow Card

SPENN’s innovative and advanced financial platform has been integrated on Yellow Card and is available to all of our users in Zambia. SPENN allows our users to transact securely and at zero cost. It provides free real-time payments to all Yellow Card users who may decide to use it as a payment option. 

If the user has already passed KYC (Know Your Customer) verification on the Yellow Card platform, no additional verification is required, making it a truly one-stop experience for anyone interested in crypto.

2. How to Deposit or Withdraw funds with SPENN on Yellow Card

Watch this video on how to use SPENN with Yellow Card

To deposit or withdraw funds with SPENN on Yellow Card you need to do so simultaneously on both platforms.

On the Yellow Card Web App:

1. On your Yellow Card homepage select "Deposit"

2. Under payment method, select “SPENN”

3. Select "I've got a SPENN account"

Note: Please keep in mind that to use SPENN on Yellow Card, you need to have a SPENN account.

4. Proceed to enter your Phone Number and the amount you wish to deposit.

5. Select "Review & Confirm" by authorizing the transaction on your mobile device.

On your SPENN Mobile App:

1. Select "Cash Out"

2. You should be able to see the amount requested by Yellow Card Zambia

3. If the amount is correct, Swipe to confirm

4. You should be able to view your transaction in the Transfers section

3. Who is this SPENN integration for?

Yellow Card users in Zambia with SPENN accounts are the only ones currently eligible to use the SPENN payment method.

If you’re a Yellow Card user in Zambia you may create an account with SPENN by visiting their website here

4. Why we chose SPENN to integrate with

We chose SPENN because we wanted to offer our users a cost-free end-to-end solution that had strong partnerships with banks. SPENN’s aim of providing financial empowerment, as well as introducing free real-time payments, for everyone is something we align with ourselves.

If you are having any issues whatsoever with the use of SPENN on Yellow Card please reach out to our customer support team via [email protected] for assistance.

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