Yellow Card: Ultimate Beginner’s Guide in Just 7 Steps

Hey there! So you’re new to Yellow Card and possibly to the wonderful world of Cryptocurrencies, I guess? Well, you’ve come to the best platform for Cryptocurrencies across Africa.

We will teach you, guide, and usher you into this world of endless possibilities.

Let's Get Started in Just 7 Steps:

1. Create an Account

2. Complete your KYC Verification

3. Learn About Cryptocurrencies

4. Deposit Funds (Fiat or Crypto)

5. Buy Crypto (Bitcoin/Ethereum/ Tether)

6. Sell Crypto (Bitcoin/Ethereum/ Tether)

7. Withdraw Funds (Fiat or Crypto)

Without much ado, let's dive in!

Step One

Create an Account

Creating an account on Yellow Card is so simple. In less than 3 minutes you should be up and running on our Tier 1 plan. You can do this in two main ways, through our Web App or by downloading our Mobile App which is available on Android or IOs.

Step Two

Complete your KYC Verification

Your KYC Verification is in 4 Tiers and we encourage you to complete all of them. Creating an account with the most basic information gets you past Tier 1. However, to be able to do more on Yellow Card, we strongly encourage you to complete your Tier 2 and Tier 3 Verification. If you’re a business we encourage you to complete the 4th Tier as well.

It only takes a few minutes and will help improve the security of your Yellow Card Account. Yellow Card respects your privacy, as such we have taken measures to protect your data.

Step Three

Learn About Cryptocurrencies

We created the Yellow Card Academy for Crypto Newbies. Learn all about Cryptocurrency, Blockchain & Financial Literacy through our simplified guides and tutorials.

We encourage you to ask us questions as you begin your educational journey. You may skip this part if you are confident enough in your understanding of Cryptocurrencies

Step Four

Deposit Funds (Fiat or Crypto) on Yellow Card

Please refer to our article here on how to deposit funds be it fiat or crypto. We also explain what a Crypto wallet is here.

Step Five

Buy Crypto (Bitcoin/Ethereum/ Tether)

Depending on the Cryptocurrencies available to you, you may buy the Cryptocurrency of your choice through fiat after depositing your funds as shown above. 

Step Six

Sell Crypto (Bitcoin/Ethereum/ Tether)

You may also sell your Cryptocurrencies as and when you please. We have zero fees and encourage you to buy and sell as much as you like.

Step Seven

Withdraw Funds (Fiat or Crypto)

If you would like to withdraw your funds from Yellow Card you can do so in two ways. Through fiat or through cryptocurrency. You can always convert Crypto into fiat in order to withdraw your funds into your bank account.

You can also convert fiat into Cryptocurrency in order to withdraw your funds into another wallet.

Please be careful to not share your login credentials with any individual in order to avoid being defrauded.

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