What are trading scams?

Trading scams are often sold as promises of investment yields that far exceed anything the market offers. Often scammers will encourage you to invest by putting money into their accounts, or will set up an account for you, and will use your password to access your account without your permission.

Often these scams are run as individuals, reaching out to customers directly, and promising them investment advice. They will often act as an official representative of Yellow Card. 

Example of scams to look out for:

Email Trading Scam 

Whatsapp Trading Scam

Facebook Trading Scam

No Member of the Yellow Card team will EVER ask you for your password or personal credentials, except when setting up your KYC and getting you started on the platform, so if someone claims to be from us and requests your personal information, please contact [email protected] and we will assist in ensuring that your funds are safe.

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