How to Deposit Money in Ghana

There are three main countries(Ghana, Uganda, Cameroon) that have mobile money integrations on Yellow Card. This is due to its popularity and vast adoption in these countries. As part of our mandate, Yellow Card tries to rely on existing payment infrastructures that are preferred by locals. In this article, we will demonstrate how to deposit money on Yellow Card in Ghana.

1. On your dashboard, click “Deposit”

2. You will be provided with the payment methods available in Ghana which are “Momo” (Mobile Money) and “Bank Transfer” as shown below. Enter the required information at every level.



For Bank transfers, you may be required to enter your information in order to proceed. This is slightly slower than the Mobile Money process since it has to be manually approved by our Deposit Teams in order to be credited into your account.

Mobile Money

Mobile Money is however a lot faster since our integrations with our third-party providers make it automatic and instantaneous.

For a user to complete the process you should ensure that your mobile money wallet has a sufficient balance.

Note: If you are unable to use our mobile money services please check with your service provider that you are in fact registered for mobile money usage.

Please keep in mind that your mobile money number must be the same as your Yellow Card account phone number. These restrictions are to protect our users from fraudulent transactions.

To be able to confirm, the amount you want to be withdrawn has to be available in your Momo wallet.

On your phone number, you will receive a prompt to enter your Momo PIN in order to initiate the deposit.

Within a minute or two, the transaction should either be confirmed or denied.

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