Why Does Yellow Card need my Immigration Documents?

Yellow Card will only request your Immigration Documents when you are in another country but not a citizen of that country.

Even with a perfectly valid ID from your own country, we will still require immigration documents from the country you currently reside in and want to complete your Yellow Card KYC verification from.

We do this for two main reasons, Compliance and Fraud.

In order to curb fraudulent activities and to prevent our users from getting scammed by fraudsters in other countries, we require immigration documents as this allows us to identify and such persons and notify the appropriate authorities.

From a compliance perspective, we require this in order to abide by the Anti-Money Laundering laws in all of our business engagements. Yellow Card adheres to both US and local AML laws in all of the countries that we operate in.

To shed more light on our KYC practices, AML/CTF (Anti Money Laundering/Counter-Terrorist Financing) has regulated practices in financial markets and as Yellow Card is an active financial service provider in this sector it requires us to know and verify our customers.

Regulators and law enforcement ask for the Full name, ID, Address, Phone number, source of income, and all related transaction information on all investigations when necessary - therefore this is required and requested at the commencement and as part of any customer relationship.

Yellow Card has to provide this information for all requests and can be fined if we do not collect and verify this KYC information.

Another element sits on financial and other crimes that we need to monitor to ensure that we are not a money washing medium for the proceeds of crime.

We need to verify the countries that our customers are from to ensure that they are there legally and for reporting purposes that specific countries require from us.

Yellow Card also has the responsibility to train their employees on KYC/AML and Anti- Bribery, and Corruption to further understand what we need to comply with in the provision of financial services.

The monitoring and reporting of all of the above take place behind the scenes by the Compliance function together with an annual AML (Anti Money Laundering) attestation to the various countries’ Central Banks or FIC confirming that Yellow Card has an AML  (Anti Money Laundering) program, monitors and has active measures in place to curb and manage laundering the proceeds of crime, terrorist and other prohibited activities.

Yellow Card is constantly improving and upgrading our systems to enable us to meet compliance standards and fight fraud in a much more sophisticated way. 

Please reach out to the Yellow Card Support Team via [email protected] if you still do not understand why we need to request for your immigration documents.

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